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tomb windows

by Ted on April 19th, 2008
tomb windows
tomb windows, originally uploaded by Ted Drake.
Uploaded to Flickr: 15th November, 2005

I had a photography teacher, Bob Barry, that tought us not only to look at composition from left to right and top to bottom but also foreground to background. This simple idea has become a mantra for me.

Most people walk by the tombs of cemetiere Montmartre and look at the doors, the inscriptions, and textures. I’m constantly looking inside the cracks, windows, and distances between them to find the hidden relationships between the foreground and background.

This photograph is shot through a small window on the tomb door. You can see the light streaming through one window on the left, contrasting it with the window on the right.

I believe this was shot with either Tmax 100 or Scala with a Nikon n80 and 24mm lens.

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